It was way to warm today so I hid in the basement for most of the day getting some stuff done. Mostly cleaning up. The place was a mess.

While doing so I cleaned all my swords that were cluttered all over the place 🤓 Other gear was also in dire need of training. My fencing vest was probably occupied by a cat for a long time and used as a nest. Tried it on after months and all the training pays off. It fits again – breathing included 🤺

Fitting in my fencing vest again – feels good

While clearing my workbench I found a cable drum waiting for a new plug. Later I found replacement plugs so I got that finally fixed too 😀

Good as new plug for the cable drum

I also found this little treasure of 19 FFP2 masks filled in 2009. Lucky me, eh? Feeling very rich now 😀

Box of old but good FFP2 masks

Kids were also around most of the time and had a lot of fun with various training tools. Don’t get it wrong, we’re not particular athletic here. Stuff just piles up.

Busy day.

🏆 Achievement unlocked: ANIMAL FITNESS Level 2
Do training #04, #05, #06 for three weeks.

🏆 Achievement unlocked: ANIMAL FITNESS Level 2

Yesss, I did it. A week later due to some knee pain but I finally made it to Level 2 of the program 💃

I’d have just one question for it’s author: How the hell do you fix that gorram mat to the ground? Is it glued to the floor?

The refurbished pell compared to the old beam. Cat included.

Some weeks ago I managed to kill my old for good. I never expected it to hold that long at all when I built it back in 2016. To be fair I slacked off a lot over the last year but thanks to recent events forcing everyone to stay at home I stepped up my again.

Don’t train alone, it only embeds your errors.

Vesimir, The Witcher 3

Well, Vesimir is right, but that choice do we have? So I spent the late afternoon refurbishing my fallen .

Preparing new struts. Two old struts were gone. No idea where.

Luckily there was another beam, that was part of the kitchen wall some years ago (#hausbauquatsch), with the same dimensions. I could even re-use most of the old post.

Some of the old screws were broken and I had to persuade the leftovers with a crowbar (I probably learned this in Half-Life ;))

180mm screws again

And that’s it this time. I never came back to adding any sort of dampening mats. Some use carpet or rope. I’ve even seen tires used for this. Somehow I became very fond of flying splinters all over the place though. It’s a very satisfying feeling and I even made a video about this some years ago.

🏆 Achievement unlocked: ANIMAL FITNESS Level 1
Do training #01, #02, #03 for three weeks.

🏆 Achievement unlocked: ANIMAL FITNESS Level 1

That’s a bodyweight similar to pilates and yoga from what I can tell. Each exercise is 30 minutes and the goal are three different exercises per week. Tbf I did 01 6 times in a row before even trying the next. I’m badly out of shape.

Mobile Blade – Indoor HEMA Practise Sword (Enable subtitles!)

How I built my HEAM indoor practise sword. This video shows the assembly of my own Mobile Blade Indoor Trainer.

This practise sword variant was designed by Thomas from Medieval Review. The OBJ files can be downloaded on Thingiverse. Additional required parts are listed there too.