Slow Motion Pell Training (strong)

This video is about my heavy pell training.

I made a video about my usual pell training before so this is some sort of additional follow up.

When I started with pell training I trained stepping, distance, timing and other techniques that usually don’t involve strength. Or force, to be precise.

I knew that my swords could deal with a real beating. Some are in use for about 8 years by now. They survived lots of abusive tests, like throwing, and may not be in best shape any more.

So to get my muscles and joints used to stress I started to really beat up the pell. This was not about technics but to get used to the feedback recieved from real strikes.

I can’t apply the same force during sparring. Unlike a Federschwert the blunt doesn’t give much way and the risk is just not worth it.

But see for yourself how fast the pell gets gnawed off and enjoy the flying splinters in slow motion. Please note that I stood way to close to the pell to keep the camera as close as possible.

Again this is not a tutorial. I simply show what can be done.

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