Bringing Vulkan Raytracing to older AMD hardware (Vega and below) by Joshua AshtonJoshua Ashton (Frog Blog)
As soon as Bas Nieuwenhuizen [] mentioned that he was working on support for Vulkan Raytracing in RADV, my curiosity as to whether this feature could be brought to older generations of AMD hardware was peaked. Yesteryesterday and yesterday I decided to implement some of the missing pieces for exposing Vulkan Raytracing on older generations of AMD hardware, such as Vega, Polaris and the original Navi. The work is currently available here if you wish to try it at

Wow. Most of this went right over my head but I get excited just from reading about this sort of stuff

I mean I did play with ray tracing to some extend with Wings3D and the POV-Ray and YafaRay ray tracing programs back than and I still use it for some speed modelling. In fact the last time I touched this was this very year and I was so happy that at least YafaRay did Just Work™ on my Fedora Linux PC.

Shows how the APC unit was modelled starting out as just a bunch of blocks getting shaped up over time until the final render as game asset for the MAXR game.
APC unit made for the MAXR game in Wings3D

I re-used a scene that I created over a decade ago and while the result had slightly different lightning it isn’t really noticeable after converting and compression of the rendered files.

So yeah people, please do keep this stuff alive, k thanks 😀

Mobile Blade – Indoor HEMA Practise Sword (Enable subtitles!)

How I built my HEAM indoor practise sword. This video shows the assembly of my own Mobile Blade Indoor Trainer.

This practise sword variant was designed by Thomas from Medieval Review. The OBJ files can be downloaded on Thingiverse. Additional required parts are listed there too.