Well I’d suggest a nifty video. IndieWeb in 5 minutes. Don’t talk about the details or the implementation (that’s tech babble). Show em what’s in for Joe. Solid reasons like displaying a feed the way you like it and not how $silo AI decided.

Michael Beckwith on Twitter (Twitter)

“Hey Let me introduce you to “Joe WebUser”. He’s just heard this term for the first time ever. How should collective “we” inform Joe about the IndieWeb? For example, why he should care in the first place? How to participate? Lets talk.”

Interesting thoughts on Silo Backfeeds and GDPR.

The Indieweb privacy challenge (Webmentions, silo backfeeds, and the GDPR) // Sebastian Greger (sebastiangreger.net)

Originally intended to showcase a privacy-centred implementation of emerging social web technologies – with the aim to present a solution not initially motivated by legal requirements, but as an example of privacy-aware interaction design – my “social backfeed” design process unveiled…