TIL: Wales is so very backwater that they don’t seem to know about (or or or Boffer Wars or…). Some dude wearing obvious fantasy gear and a clear as daylight _FOAM_ stick gets jumped at gunpoint by police:


Hint: It’s not even a “fake sword” or a trainer (waster). It’s a _toy_.

I can relate btw. We did “train” with our toys in the park a decade ago already and police was curious but polite.

Later even with blunt steel.

They never jumped us at gunpoint.

What makes the Fediverse better than Twitter by Hypolite PetovanHypolite Petovan (blog.mrpetovan.com)
I read a Fediverse post simply stating that what makes Twitter bad is the people on Twitter. I do not believe in this oversimplification, even if I believe the Fediverse is a better place than Twitter. But it isn’t because of any people’s quality criterion, rather about general policy and empowering users and admins.

Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles! My bubbles! Bubbles, Finding Nemo

I like .)

Micropubsubhubbubadubdub by Basil Basil (trivial.observer)
I’m trying to limit meta posts to 1 in 3 at most. So after 2 days of other nonsense, here’s me fucking about on the IndieWeb with no idea what I’m doing. If it looks a bit long and a bit dry, trust me, it is. So feel free to skip to the end and just comment that it was interesting. No one will...

Heh, this sounds like a very typical dive into the Indieweb. Kudos for sticking to it. Your observations are correct. It’s tricky and hard to wrap the head around in the first place but it pays off. I also wish for a more user friendly introduction so I started doing presentations. This is [very slowly] boiling down to ideas for a userfriendly presentation.

How to make a self-hosted video livestream (Drew DeVault’s Blog)
I have seen some articles in the past which explain how to build the ecosystem around your video streaming, such as live chat and forums, but which leave the actual video streaming to Twitch.tv. I made a note the last time I saw one of these articles to write one of my own explaining the video bit. As is often the case with video, we’ll be using the excellent ffmpeg tool for this. If it’s A/V-related, ffmpeg can probably do it.
Right Down the Middle by crystalcrystal (chicky.blog)
About 7 years ago, I started shaving my head. Not the whole head, mind you. I started with the sides. I was scared to do more than that. I wrote an entire post on Facebook and Google Plus about exactly why I did it. For the most part, it was fueled by a desire to take back some control over a proble...
Update 23: 🕸 Quick update on Okuna for the web. · Openbook | Privacy-friendly, fun & honest social network. (Kickstarter)
_________ 👋 Hey there! Sorry  about the radio silence. We’ve been busy building Okuna for the web and  profile visibility settings to make sure who wishes to go internet-wide-public on our launch, can do it at the tap of a button. Here’s a peek into into our progress. Please allow a couple seconds for the demo GIFs to load. 🏡 Communities One of the great things of Okuna are its communities. We’re making sure the web version does them justice in looks and functionality. 👨‍🎨 Theming What  was that? Will there be theming available too like on the mobile version? Yes. We’ve designed our interface to be completely theme-able by members. 👨‍🎤 Profiles Profiles are also shaping up great. We have some more things to build like link previews and multi-column posts but we’ll get there. 😍 Using that extra space. We’re  also making sure we can use all that extra desktop space when looking  at all the c/openphotography community gorgeous photos. 🛎 Notifications Of course, lets not forget about the core of all interactions in the platform, the simple yet trusty notifications section. 📱 Mobile-friendly The web version is also mobile friendly and mostly mirrors the native apps. 🙅‍♀️ Profile visibility settings Finally,  we’re releasing profile visibility settings to make sure who wishes to  go internet-wide-public on our launch, can do it at the tap of a button. 🌯 That’s a wrap. Thanks to all of our Patrons and backers that support the day-to-day development of Okuna. We hope you’re all safe and wishing you a great weekend ahead. Stay tuned on our Twitter or in the official c/okuna community for more updates. We're working as hard as possible given our previously communicated circumstances to launch as soon as possible.