Tried to run SteamWorld Dig2 from GoG. It just died with this:

ERROR: ShowErrorMessage: Failed to initialized OpenGL extensions (GLEW), error: Unknown error

This is from my understanding a fixed bug in GLEW on Wayland but requires an update of that lib – which is probably not gonna happen any more.

Fun enough we can work around this by starting it with SDL_VIDEODRIVER=X11 ./Dig2 under Wayland, with from my understanding invokes|provokes XWayland and brings us back to Wayland. And since I want to play this on my couch with my Steam Link I added the game to my library and set it’s start parameters to SDL_VIDEODRIVER=X11 %command% – Et voila…

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  1. @paul dig 2 is not long, it’s like 20 hours or something, but it’s a really fun little metroidvania experience, compared to 1 I’d say it’s about 4-5 times longer than it if memory serves me right 🙂 It also has more abilities, more differentiated biomes, more fun platforming challenges and some extra things like baubles to collect, It’s very much worth a buy, I got it in a sale for around 5€ and it was more than worth that price at least 😀@bekopharm

  2. @paul @bekopharm Yeah, I’m slowly plucking away at hollow knight and cathedral, they are both fun, but get difficult quite quickly, and I’m not very good at playing games :p The thing that made the older castlevanias fun were that usually when I was too bad to do something I could grind to get over it :p

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