Two weeks on, and some discussion of by The Jayeless Micro Blog (
As of yesterday, I’ve now had this site on for two weeks. So far, I’ve really been enjoying the experience. It’s been interesting to realise that I actually do have lots to share when I have a consolidated space that feels like mine to share them, and rather than letting those stray...

Geez. What’s it with providers “selecting” what features are best for people? This is a huge let-down by The standard on Likes is well defined and used by many peoples and platforms. The beauty about Webmentions is _that_ the user has the choice what to do with them (and how). Not supporting this officially for a higher cause as a provider is highly opinionated (read BS). And since it’s just HTML you can do it anyway if you’re willing to jump the hoops.

You _could_ e.g. redefine your Webmention endpoint, and use another one. Self hosted or e.g. from – may be a pain in the neck to integrate on a foreign platform though.

( And while on it could connect to backfeeding services like 🙂

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