It’s time to go electric. My 4l diesel (CDTI engine, Corsa) is close to it’s 200.000 kilometres and starts to become a rolling box of spare parts. I’ve my eyes on electric cars for quite some time now and I already tried the Zoe some years ago. Blogs, like (dead page), are a great source of information on the Zoe and strengthened my opinion.

Test drive with the Renault ZOE (22KWH)
Renault ZOE (22kWh)

The two issues left for me were simple: Range and lease model on the battery, making it a hassle to sell the car again. I drive roughly 35.000 km a year and at least 140 km a day without a place to recharge in between. Well, I could make a stop at MCs each day, of course, but I prefer real food with my wife and children in the evening 😉

The first 40kWh batteries are available now and the net of charge stations increased a lot over the last two years. So range is no longer an issue. Based on calculation and experience a Zoe should make about 200 km without recharging in the wintertime now. Renault also has the battery optionally for sale now.

Time for another test drive and to finally set my plan to obtain an 100% electric car into motion.

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