Bogus 1080p/60 USB 3.0* HDMI Capture Card (Linux) by Linux Game Cast (
Can you get 1080p/60 HDMI capture for under $20? The LYLEE Upgraded Video Capture Card seems to think it's possible. After contacting both Amazon and the seller the item went POOF! We might have accidentally did a good :D/

Meh… that’s exactly the HDMI capture I got months ago. I needed it mostly to debug some Raspberry boot trouble that would show way too short to be parsed by a human before the device would reboot again so it’s okay. I did wonder though why the framerate was so jacked up but blamed the undervolted HDMI splitter (It came without a fitting PS so I’m happy that it does _something_).

Lesson learnt. I suspect similar for a dead cheap SD-card writer at work.

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