Yes cookie pop-ups are annoying. Thing is that only exposes the issue. Guess how GDPR came to exist in the first place.

Anyway, do you know this fancy thing called “ReaderMode”? It’s built into your browser and discards basically all the fancy stuff on a website so you can focus on the text you came for in the first place. It’s right next to the URL input field. Chrome has it not enabled by default but it’s there: chrome://flags/#enable-reader-mode. Firefox can even read the article to you in this mode (well, sort of).

Punch it on any website that makes you jump through hoops before you can even access a summary.

7 thoughts on “Reader Mode

  1. @bekopharm When making websites it totally makes sense to check reader mode every once in a while just to see, what’s left, when all script content goes out the window. Helps to keep code efficient, too.


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