Simon Roth on Twitter (Twitter)
“A good video that sums up why home made and low budget ventilator designs are pretty much useless.”

Thanks for posting. I learned a lot on ventilators from this video 👍 I mean I knew in theory how lungs work but wasn’t aware of the pesky details at all. Did it slip my mind or did Dr. House fail me on this? 😅

Jeremy Morgan 🌲👨‍💻🌲 on Twitter (Twitter)
“@killyourfm @fsf I saw that headline and assumed you syndicated/republished it there. Which is a problem. I understand your frustration.”

I really wish _all_ writers would foster a source of truth for their own actions / publications _and_ profiles so that profile equivalence and syndication can be distinguished by anyone at all. come to mind.

One month celebration (106) by an author (IN FULL FLOW)
More than a month actually since this household started to live a small life. It was the longest shortest time. Or the shortest longest time. Time to celebrate some things that happened and didn't happen during this period. the Man and I still love each other,