Howto Spickzettel: Debian Lenny Mailserver: Postfix-SSL Courier-SSL SASL TLS MD5-CRAM VirtualAliases Procmail ClamAV Spamassassin (Daniels Blog)
Ich hatte immer mal wieder mit Mailservern zu tun. Leider war ich häufiger etwas verwirrt, da - je nach Setup - sehr viele verschiedene Komponenten miteinander kommunizieren müssen. Aus diesem Grund hier mein Spickzettel für einen Mailserver auf einem Internethost mit FQDN.

Stumbled over Daniel’s Blog today [again]. This old article from 2010 has IMHO an awesome scribble on the different parts that may be involved for a Linux mailserver with some decent features like and . The HowTo can probably still be applied today with some small changes:

The reason this sticked to my memory is basically because I recognized the scribble of this article on thecustomizewindows·com where it was shameless stolen without credits for an article on mailserver software (Looking at you Abhishek, zhe buzinessman!). I know because I asked the original author.

Anyway, glad I stumbled over this once more seeing the blog still alive and kicking. Time to add it to my ever growing list of feeds.

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