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“Jill of the jungle was the first game i connected with. When i started playing castle of the winds, i started making "games" in ms paint. Half-life was the first game i started modding, Neverwinter Nights I published mods. And.. well.. ngl always wanted to look like lara croft”

Heh, that brings back memories of the modding community – e.g. TheWall 😀

Also I did use the Hammer Editor for a school assignment demonstrating “CAD” and especially light calculations for 3D engines. Nobody of the auditors knew it was “just” Half-Life at all (no-gui ftw) 🤪😂

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  1. the hammer editor was the first time i did scripting and it was like… my idea of what programming was for a long time? basically putting a “script object” in space and running into it.

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