Solved the problem of the Frozen songs by an author (IN FULL FLOW)
Erwin Blom, a well known figure in digital media circles in NL, kindly offered his online courses for free for a month. As I'm low on payed for work right now I grabbed the opportunity to dive into his courses to build digital stuff. This morning I watched his instructions how

Innovative 👍 I stumbled over FreeTube recently. It’s still on my todo list but it may be suitable for you as well.

Any ideas how to Spotify to USB btw? My kids have old fashioned players to listen to music whenever they like. I don’t want smart devices for this.

I could use youtube-dl but that’s a lot of work for all the songs kids may want on their sticks.

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  1. FreeTube looks really interesting (i had to scroll past a lot of sex sites to find it though 😉 here’s the url for others
    As for Spotify, I know someone who downloads playlists as a DJ. He uses a piece of software to do that, but I don’t know the name if it. It is illegal though. So far I’m still in control of listening to music, but we have Sonos speakers in our home. Daughter has one of her own since recently. I create playlists for her she can turn on and off in her room. Most of the time she just ask for what she wants to listen to and I start the music for her.

  2. Sorry bout that. It’s on my list and I didn’t check it out myself yet. I’ve just seen a screenshot with a short description and it looked really good.

    I’m aware that it’s not legal. We do have Premium and it’s basically “Download for Offline use”. Not happy for fancy speakers because… little kids. They break stuff all the time and the old fashioned players, while cheap, seem to be more robust.

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