Indieweb Updates and Thoughts by Roy Tang (
I mentioned before that I was looking into indieweb stuff. There’s a whole wiki of information about it if you’re into that sort of thing, but also here’s a recent post which kind of serves as an overview. I have some comments on the content of this post, more on that later. Indieweb things I?...

Hej @roytang,

about that reader. I find the parser very helpful to see what’s going on. There’s also microformat-node if you fancy JS.

I also understand your critism. Same boat here. I wonder all the time how one could convince Joe Webuser why is a thing. I’d say it’s lacking some nifty videos that introduce the principles to new users. Sending users to that Wiki is a disgrace. It’s hard to wrap the head around especially since it’s not a final product but just a collection of ideas around living standards.