Visited the museum of local history in Dornstetten 72280 / Germany, that is part of the “German Timber-Frame Road”. Didn’t look like much from the outside but I was very wrong on this. It’s located in the old tithe and fruit barn of this former administrative city.

The place itself was first mentioned in 767 AD in the Lorsch Codex and became a city in the 12th century and even gained the right to hold markets later on.

The museum stretches over three floors of the two restored barn buildings and has a lot of stuff from various periods on display. So much can be seen that it’s opening times of just 2.5h are simply not enough to take a closer look at everything.

The medieaval part is – as usually – of more interest for me but I really enjoyed the other displays as well. Especially since we were basically just 3 visitors so we got an extended tour with lots of background information for free. Well, I donated some money later, of course 🙂

I was especially happy to find my holy grale of cities in the 13th century on display: Stadtluft, Hirsebrei und Bettelmönch (ISBN 978-3806210590).