Behold my latest addition 🤪

A button box | switch panel for the toddler. It was on a discount so I gave in. May be a good starting point for a bigger one that I’m going to make for the kids eventually.

This was a triumph. Great success… 😁

Three days of BBQ and chilling out. Very tired now. Should go on vacation now 😜

Pic: Fireplace with lots of empty chairs around now that everyone is gone again.

Spent hours cleaning the terrace with a high pressure washer (and got a sun burn on top). The uncovered damage is extensive. I mean we knew 10 years ago already that we’d need new planks soon but still. Damage is especially bad where flower pots used to be but some are simply because water has no way to go. Some holes are so bad I had to cover them up with boards.

Ah well. No rest for the wicket I guess.