Writing for Oneself by Jan BoddezJan Boddez (jan.boddez.net)
I’ve had different blogs over the last few many years, most long gone. Then started this one, in English (which is my second language, or third, depending on your exact definition), because I wanted to share some of the things I, an amateur web developer, encounter as I learn. And learn from your ...

Same 😜

Good thing too. Brain forgets so fast.

Frostpunk vs. these survival simulators that don’t say anything by Hypolite PetovanHypolite Petovan (blog.mrpetovan.com)
Survival city-building simulators add some tension to an otherwise chill video game genre. But with this tension comes expectations of message that aren’t always fulfilled like Frostpunk masterfully did.

Happy to read that Frostpunk is really as good as I imagined it to be. I really just didn’t purchase it because in that year I purchased Linux games only. Mebbe I’ll eventually get it on a discount some day. I’ve a backlog piled up to play through first 😅

Elite Dangerous (elitedangerous.com)
Elite Dangerous brings gaming’s original open world adventure to the modern generation with a stunning recreation of the entire Milky Way galaxy.

Elite Dangerous screenshot showing badly damaged ship systems

That went well. Hey, 4% on life support is not to shabby for almost flying into a sun while poking around in the menus 😀 And I even managed to land after finally finding the right button for the landing gear 🤣

Mf2 and Video by Jan BoddezJan Boddez (jan.boddez.net)
I ran into a bit of an issue lately, and it’s to do with the way X-Ray, or rather php-mf2 parses video elements in HTML (i.e., an h-entry). The unfortunate frog I’ll be dissecting is the page at https://beko.famkos.net/2021/05/03/head-tracking-for-x4-foundations-on-linux/. (Sorry!) Its source co...

Heh, sorry for making you jump the hoops @jan

The weird formatting is mostly because this is how Gutenberg wants to format videos. Hacking various sources into this is how I did it before Gutenberg, that would still not allow me to offer different formats (or subtitles). So this is basically a combination of both snippets with the hope that Gutenberg will eventually understand this.

I was delighted to see that Gutenberg would offer an additional CSS for videos now alas it’s added on the wrong tag and you picked exactly that test. Usually I put this manually on all sources. See https://beko.famkos.net/2021/05/15/playing-an-old-sound-box/ for example.

When a 200 bucks USB device does not come with it’s own power switch. It’s not beautiful but it works. Salvaged switch from an Ikea desk lamp, that doubles as new mic holder now.

Final Chapter by Christine Dodrill (christine.website)

So much pain between the lines and I can even relate. I’ve been on freenode so long too. Can’t even remember when and why I joined but it was probably something Linux related oO

Guess it’s time to close our own little space there too. Don’t think we’ll move somewhere else though. Feels like an era coming to an end.

Ah… okay. Google Authenticator got this update that allows export/import to new device.

Can anyone tell me how this works in detail?

I read nothing is stored in the Cloud. That’s fine for me.

Is it all in the QR code displayed?

Asking because I’m going to factory reset and wipe my phone and I’m not looking forward to restore every 2FA token.

Boost appreciated.