On individual blame for global crises by Dr Eleanor Janega (going-medieval.com)
Permit me, if you will, a slightly rambling introduction: we are all, still, in the midst of a pandemic, and coping as best we can in whatever ways we can. Here in the UK our “government” has us on a sort of partial social distancing thing. So, if you can work from home, you are supposed to, and...
Peter Reichel on Twitter (Twitter)
“Immer wenn jemand anfängt zwischen "uns", den, vermeintlich guten oder besseren, und "denen" zu unterscheiden beginnt eine Ausgrenzung der anderen. Wenn ich den Unterschied mache um Rassismus zu bekämpfen ist das ein Denkfehler wenn sich das auf Hautfarben bezieht. https://t.co/pKzjN9yWIs”
yulia on Twitter (Twitter)
“TC39 notes are published: https://t.co/Bhh2ISUbMA You can find a look at it from the SpiderMonkey perspective here: https://t.co/dVY7eWeKQO”

Interesting. Not so much because of technical notes this time but because of discussions around remote meetings and traveling.