Visited the theme park at Cleebronn 74389 / Germany. Since we made almost no trips this year we finally gave in for a day of entertainment and roller coasters before the off-season would end for the winter break.

It’s a very old theme park and I remember many of it’s attractions from my own childhood. It’s really weird (in a good way) how memories came up at almost every ride. Nowadays I also appreciate the timber framed constructions – even the ones that are obviously fake but made to look like the real thing – or are in parts 😀 Some of the roots of this place go really far back.

Our preparations were warm clothes, a handcart full of replacement clothes, towels, food, water and candy. That worked well. The children had a lot of fun, could eat whenever they felt hungry and naturally fell asleep in the car on our journey back home. I was surprised that they really tried everything they were allowed to try (by age and size) including all the roller coasters. I felt sick after various rides but the children wouldn’t stop begging for more.

We had pre purchased a slot for the family (the park has limited entry due to Corona virus), kept our distance to other people as good as others let us (*sigh) and we kept our masks on most of the time – even outdoors. The only exceptions were quiet places when nobody else was around. A good effect of the policies were next to zero waiting times for the rides – but I bet the park managers would argue otherwise on this topic 😅

The uneasy feeling especially with infections on the raise again never left me though and came back full force when the park closed in the evening and all people flocked to the departure gate. This was when we went in the opposite direction to visit a way less frequented public toilet one last time before we left the park as some of the very last visitors eventually.

…and I got a new sticker for the back of our Renault Zoe 😉