Linkdump 01/2022 (Dirks Logbuch)
Willkommen zum ersten Linkdump in 2022, auch in dieser Woche habe ich wieder reichlich Artikel und die für mich interessantesten oder die, von denen ich denke, dass sie Euch interessieren herausgesuc...

Full ACK on . Don’t turn it off!

That’s often the only and last defence your system has. Or your keys.

Okay. It makes _some_ sense but it’s still weird:

Failed to load the IMA custom policy file /etc/ima/ima-policy1: Permission denied
[!!!!!!] Failed to load IMA policy, freezing

So what really happened: /etc/ima/ima-policy exists. It is not looking for a file ima-policy1. The appended 1 is probably an exit code and it’s error message is misleading.

I had some rules making use of labels like dont_appraise obj_type=systemd_journal_t in the policy and that goes boom when not bootet with SELinux support (e.g. selinux=0) at all. Good to know.

Also: System is still in dev mode so loading custom policy is fine 🤓