Trying to get (or even find) a cheap TV in 2022 is a horrible experience. Especially on Amazon, because there are no filter for this and the search function will simply not care and keep shoving all kinds of Smart TVs in the face. Various other websites designed to compare TVs also do not offer such a filter and I really wonder why, because there are very valid reasons to *not* want a Smart TV. Yes, I don’t even want the Telefunken ones that come at least with Linux!

For reference, our current is some very old Samsung with whopping 720p (including burnt in artefacts) and I’m out for replacing this for a while now.

I’m also not out for the greatest and widest since the TV may be part of our living room but that room is not designed around the TV. It’s more a corner thing. It should be a real upgrade for the 720p so “just HD” is out of the question. I kinda settled with the idea of something around 55″ and 4K – so not quite a computer monitor any more, due to it’s size, where I’d have way more choice. And cheap please. I really do not spend much time in front of the TV.

Apparently Sceptre is one of the few selling some non-Smart TVs but that seems to be US only (e.g. Walmart) so not an option for me.

I was already close to giving up when I randomly stumbled over the homeX U55NT1000. I’ve had no idea about this brand before, nor do I have an idea about the quality but they _advertise_ with the fact that this thing is “As smart as I want it to be” by connecting external devices of my choice:

Apparently it also comes with a Triple-Tuner that I don’t care about but it’s nice to have that option I guess. Also no idea about it’s audio connectivity. I’ve my own AV receiver for that anyway 😁

And it comes pretty cheap (roughly 300 EUR according to historical data on the net) ticking off all my boxes:

~~cheap~~ affordable
☑ 4k (UHD)
~~dumb~~ non-Smart
☑ 55″

So I ordered. I’m already very curious how this will play out and will update this once the TV arrives.