Apparently there is _nobody_ selling a 40cm blade for the G40LM40 / 25157 40V lawnmower by outside of the UK – or claims a shipping time of seven months! Is this the result of Brexit?

Well fck this. I ordered a 41cm blade for the G40LM41 / G24X2LM41 model on a hunch. This one was available. Looks like the fastening bolt is the same. Could confirm this when it arrived 4 days later.

Sadly it didn’t fit (no security clearance) – which was expected, of course. The fix is rather simple though. At least when you’ve an angle grinder.

And what do you say… perfect overlap of all the bends. This will do. Attached it and went for a test run depleting a whole battery (rechargeable, I’ve 4 of the big 4Ah suckers for this one because you know… grass).

If my guess is right this may be the last blade I could obtain for this lawnmower. What a shame. It’s doing fine for years and I really like the battery version. Less noise and no fumes are always a win in my book. It won’t stay though if replacement parts become such a pain in the… neck.