So I got a stuck from time to time. No mailbox or calendar would load and Evolution eventually claim that it can’t connect to the accounts. Turns out this is quite literal. I’m on and that has a framework for single sign-ins called GNOME Online Accounts or GOA for short (that thing I wish the Nextcloud client would USE too).

Apparently this happens _sometimes_ after standby/suspend, that I use quite often to save on power, so it was really hard to find. Looks like the goa-daemon gets stuck on resume. There is nothing in the journal or so.

Anyway, it can be restarted quite easily by executing `/usr/libexec/goa-daemon --replace` manually. So basically what happens on login. The effect on Evolution is instant. Yay, ~~spam~~mails again!

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  1. yeah that’s totally it’s behaviour 👍 Lot’s of spinners doing nothing. Never checked the load tho (beefy box and water cooled so I hardly notice xd)

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