Adulted much and did lots of mundane tasks in the house recently. Including some plumbing that was really overdue. Water starts to become my arch nemesis in our ageing building and leaks really do not improve over time.

On my list were 4 siphons, that needed replacement, a shower hose and a shower head. Some of this stuff was only held together by varnish and replacing all this was a mess.

Anyway, what I find really great is that some of the required parts could be obtained in environmental friendly packaging. Namely the shower head and three of the siphons. No further plastic was in the cartons. Really appreciate this.

Sadly that was not the case for the shower hose and the new kitchen armature. Especially the last came with formed foam. That could really do without too.

Oh yeah and remember the unexpected findings in the washing machine from ? This time it was Siemens 0, Grass Trimmer 7 and I really wonder “will they ever learn?” This time the sieve was toast and needed replacement 😠

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