A Very Silly Workaround to Verify the @scalzi Account on Twitter is Actually Me, John Scalzi by John ScalziJohn Scalzi (whatever.scalzi.com)

Because the blue check mark on Twitter is now a symbol of subscription status, rather than being a symbol that Twitter has verified that an account is held by the person it purports to represent, I offer the following, with apologies for the occasional use of the third person, and with informational bits up front […]

This is why especially the IndieWeb people are adamant about that everyone should be their own identity provider on the net and not give that role away to any silo|3rd party. Yes, a domain costs (just like a phone number). Even if it just holds a single page referencing “official” profiles. I’m aware that this isn’t an identity check but it’s enough to tell profile equivalence and this is the more important part.

BTW: Love your books 🤓

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