Today I got called out on the internet for wearing a mask because I go as Beko _Pharm_ 😷.

I laughed hard, shared this insight with my peer group and watched their amused responses trickle in. Now that I’m found out I can probably tell you all.

Here writes the Big “beko” Pharm (or the B.B.P. – someone add me to Wikipedia already!). And what my Murican friends probably don’t know: “beko” is not only a [legit] name with all sorts of fun meanings (according to the interwebz) but also the brand of an electronics company mostly known for their washing machines. Imagine how happy I was about that when I found out!

Anyway, seized the opportunity and created a highly professional new profile picture for me – generously released as CC-0 – a photo featuring a washing machine and an ampulla typically used for medicine.

And I love every bit of it – especially the “ProSmartInverter” 🧠

So there you have it. Buy masks and washing machines. For every sale on one of those items I get 0 dot 00 and zero 💵

Make me rich! 🤑

Random trivia: I added the “Pharm” to not be mistaken with e.g. said electronics company – how the hell was I supposed to know that a pandemic would be next on the agenda???

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