Assasin's Fate by Robin HobbRobin Hobb
Assassin's Fate is the third book in the epic fantasy trilogy Fitz and the Fool

I finally finished the recent (last?) trilogy of The Realm of the Elderlings with the book Assasin’s Fate by Robin Hobb. I don’t really recall how the first one (Assassin’s Apprentice, 1995) made it onto my shelf but I really enjoyed the ride. Kinda slow paced sometimes and mayhap a little bit strong on the self-loathing and moaning side this series really delivered an epic journey full of magic, dragons, murder, more magic, beasts and ships(!).

In fact I think I liked The Rain Wild Chronicles most due to the very interesting setting and it was really nice to come back to this part of the realms in this final book. The chronicles influenced me that much that the machine hosting this very blog is named “Paragon” for some years by now 😀

Not sure what to make of the end especially without spoiling the read but I guess it could be worse. I’m
 okay with it. Ish.

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