I’m looking to join some IndieWeb meetups, even virtually, to get some of that social interaction going again. I’m at a loss for how to join though. Do I need to sign into to get a link?

Mhm, your microformats are still off somehow Nathan (also having trouble with Parse-This recently but anyway), but no it’s very simple. RSPV is optional. All you gotta do is subscribe to the iCalendar Feed at and visit the events page ~15m before the meetup starts. Link will be available on the events page (or ask on the IRC).

You may login to the events page using IndieAuth, of course 🙂

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  1. My microformats are probably non-existent 😦.
    I’m not really jiving with the amount of work required to add it to my current theme. Maybe one day…
    I did (eventually) see the note about the link being available 15 minutes beforehand.

  2. Well, you can always start a new theme with a decent foundation 🙂 Autonomie or SemPress theme come to mind. For me it’s part of the fun rolling my own blog.

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