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  1. @hypolite moar… closed it already. Some question about SELinux and apparently I didn’t quote _enough_ of the man page. Like… it’s hard to read that man page yourself 🤔

  2. @hypolite @bekopharm They didn’t alter anything to your answer except making it way more explicit, so I do not believe it is rude. Your answer looks better with the addition and you still get credit when it is accepted, I’d say it’s a win-win.

  3. @hypolite see, the idea that someone edits _my content_ out of nowhere strikes me alien. It’s bewildering me and actually reduces my motivation to interact with this system.I’d argue that the addition adds nothing but _more noise_ to dig through. With the pointer given anyone can flip that man page and check on the details. That one has to do anyway _to get the picture_.…but again, what to I know 😩

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