A small accessibility improvement to WordPress by @edent@edent (shkspr.mobi)
My mate, the accessibility specialist Léonie Watson, has this to say about how we improve the world, piece-by-piece: Accessibility doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be a little bit better than yesterday. Source: Twitter Damn straight! One of the best ways we can make tomorrow slightly bett...

Guilty of that @Edent. Usually I upload images while writing (or use Indigenous for Android) where the alt text fields don’t show up at all or doesn’t make it to my media endpoint (bug?). So I’m going to add this later™ – and that never happens. Thanks for reminding me on accessibility!

Shame on me 🙁

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  1. No biggie if it’s a decorative image, but if it’s a graphical link with no text content it needs alternative text describing the destination page (“Isabel’s blog”). And if it’s a button, the action should be described (“Search”).

  2. I switched to writing [external] links within articles the way they are some time ago. Including protocol. This makes it also clear for anyone reading that this is a link to somewhere else. It also helps with syndication where HTML or images may be lost. A Webmention comment for example is usually plain text only and images are dropped.

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