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When my RSS reader gets empty I tell myself that I need more blogs to follow, to find more interesting people writing interesting things. I'm currently only following 44 blogs so am always on the lookout or accepting recommendations. It used to be hundreds back before "the great purge" when I cleane...

Hej Colin, how about adding a blogroll [again]? I mean it’s hard to get recommendations when everybody hides the own feeds, no? 🙂

(And yes I’m aware that my own is far behind – the list of blogs I read changes so much that I really need an automated sync to blogroll for this o0)

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  1. I removed the blogroll from the links in the footer to both clean things up and stop sharing out of date/incomplete information. It’s still available via the direct link as the plugin is still enabled but very lacking. Maybe I could do a regular export of my feeds to OPML and link to that but wonder if that’s too much work to both maintain and check.

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