Rant. Spring and even with a gorram pandemic going on we get one noisy stinky motorcycle after another especially on a Sunday. System relevant people driving to work? No freakin way. I hate this so very much. Why is polluting the environment with joyrides like this even allowed? Hey bikers, playing with your drive for show is _not_ a sign for huge balls but for a small brain and lacking control of your machine! Go home! Stay Home!

Or go at least electric.

Same for the casual village-bogan with extra noise tailpipe at midnight. May your balls shrink to the size of a marble [and still get stuck in your zipper].

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  1. Yes, the sound does matter. In a bad way tho. It makes people sick! Also it’s almost impossible to open a window in the summer time. The exhaust fumes make it impossible to breath.

    Why do I have to tolerate this special kind of selfish assholes ruining every summer / day of rest?

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