I Don’t Track You Here, But Others Might (zylstra.org)
I much like Laura Kalbag’s “I don’t track you” declaration on her blog. She links to that post in the footer of her webpages. As Laura Kalbag says it’s “as much a fact as a mission statement“. I would definitely like to be able to say the same, because it’s important as a signal, as ...

This is awesome. Fighting with this so hard on my own blog. Providing no own cookies doesn’t mean there are really none the moment and 3rd party request comes into play. Even getting rid of Gravatar is a PITA.


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  1. @beko @ton Well, YT without cookies doesn't really work if logged in to Google already. Cookies will be there for the no cookies domain too.TIL thou: You can download a video and even embed subtitles for re-uploading on your own blog: > youtube-dl –write-auto-sub –embed-subs $yt_urlAnd especially for WordPress I upload it manually to the filesystem and make use of the "Add From Server" plugin to add it to the media library (filesize).Now I just need a player that can read subtitles.

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