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Thanks for the head’s up. Comments fixed on my site. Will also be sure to include in the follow-up “how to use a feed reader” post coming hopefully within a week.

I was going to reply there as well, Kiri, but I also feel that there should be no need to require yet another centralized platform for this action. So what if someone tells you that there is another kind to like, share or subscribe that can also make use of RSS but goes way beyond?

Great article btw. I also have some version that even Wayback Machine can no longer recover. I’ve a backup on CD but no reader want’s to read it any more – probably better this way 🤷

One thought on “Say yes to RSS

  1. I’m finding that decentralised comments, while nice in principle, are harder to understand and even harder to implement for a layperson. I was not familiar with the IndieWeb movement before this and after skimming some materials, I find it really interesting but also not particularly accessible to people who aren’t technically inclined. If convenience and ease-of-use is the main obstacle for conversion, it will always be an uphill battle again centralised platforms. I’m hopeful that things can improve on all fronts, but even though I don’t consider myself a layperson re: tech, I’m finding IndieWeb a bit intimidating.

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