Re-Visited Campus Galli in 88605 Meßkirch / Germany mostly for the new barn that is almost finished by now. My last visit was in 2019 so it was really time to see how much changed (despite the gorram pandemic). This time I took so many pictures that my battery drained.

Visitors aren’t allowed inside of the barn yet since it will be under construction until the end of the month. That was perfectly fine for me because catching the impression of the almost finished building is what I was after:

This cart also catched my attention so I checked it out closer. Spoiler: It doesn’t come with free rust proofer:

I consider myself lucky with the weather situation by the way. I could see a lot of systems that prevent flooding of the area in action – or not.

The orchard changed a lot since my last visit. The entrance for example is now completed.

Many trees were cut down for the constructions going on. Wood is needed everywhere and for everything on the site and some areas are becoming aerial.

The wooden church also got some changes. Most important the bell tower next to it and also a new porch. Couldn’t get enough of it.

All the other buildings required on a medieval construction site are also still there. Some show a lot of wear by now and constantly ongoing repairs are required.

The masons seem to be busy with a new arch. No idea where it will go tho 🤔 Their space doubles as a place to dry scales of wood in the attic.

This time I also managed to get pictures of some of the livestock!

This was a great day. Didn’t poke my nose outside much over the last year and I really missed excursion like this.

I also recorded some small video snippets so I may eventually come around creating a small video later too 🙂

35 thoughts on “Campus Galli

  1. Mein Kleiner auch 😂Hätte mir gerne mehr Zeit gelassen, aber der ist da halt nur so durchgewuselt 😁

    Dass mir mitten drin dann der Akku leer gegangen ist hat mich schon angekekst. Schätze ich muss in 2 Wochen nochmal hin 🤓

  2. @Thalestria Irgendwann sicher. Leider werden die da viel importieren müssen. Das, was da vor Ort rum liegt, ist wohl nicht frostsicher. Das haben sie beim Fundament der Holzkirche auf die harte Tour gelernt 🙁

  3. @Thalestria oarr, da wollte ich letztes Jahr hin. Alles kagge ey.Wobei ich da immer noch nicht meine Bilder von damals gesichtet und eingestellt habe. Vllt sollte ich das endlich mal machen. Die sind ja fast fertig 😜

  4. @hypolite it is in a different league I’d say but yes, the project was inspired by Guédelon and afaik there are know-how exchanges between both. The scale is different though.(And I really wanted to visit the site last year 😭 )@AbbieNormal

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