I guess all his money, well, it isn’t enough by ShawshankShawshank (Void If Removed)
Picture this – I’m up to my neck organizing and inventorying our warehouse, listening to CNN, when I hear: Excuse me? Can you do me a favour? Random person walking by. Can you go into the oth…

Ahahaha, omg poor @Shawshank

Yes, some people are just like this. And this is the reason I love ticket systems. Put it in the box, k, thanks 👌😂

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  1. Guess what? I forgot to fix the blinds. They’re still crooked. My coworker said that she’d fix them, because it annoys here too when she drives past. She was blown away when I said it doesn’t bother me, because I don’t look at it. I didn’t even notice that they’re crooked.

  2. I got some like that in the office (but I am hardly in the office nowadays). Anyway, nobody fixed this in years and yes this was reported. Can hardly not look at this when during a certain time of the day nothing can be seen on the screen any more thanks to sun light o0

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