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Ok , after months of not having commenting on my blog (having decided that using Disqus was not compatible with my #FOSS values), I've finally decided to use native Drupal commenting, including reply notification and moderation. Seems to work quite well! Only downside: I can't easily import the hist... Huh, wow. I haven’t seen a blog with in a long time so I got curious if it supports Webmentions (my favourite way for comments next to comments via social media backfeed). Turns out there is a plugin by (who is also the author of Indigenous for Android).

This means [probably] whopping awesome support in Drupal ( included) which I was not aware of:

I’m intrigued. Mebbe I should give Drupal a try.

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  1. Note that the ActivityPub module is still very rough, but it’s coming along nicely, and has integration with the IndieWeb module as well (still in dev release). I just got a push notification sent from the IndieWeb module to Indigenous 😉

  2. That’s cool 🙂 I learned about Push Notifications for Indigenous before but since my blog doesn’t send any it’s kinda unused :/

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