I’m dabbling in IndieWeb for some time now but didn’t fully embrace it [yet]. There was no real need since I’m running my own blog for years so I’m already half-way there. It is a thing tho especially for people that are simply tired of not owning their content any more.

I noticed that a lot of publications I wrote myself over the last years are simply forgotten and burried in some silo. Ever wrote an article on say FB? That’s basically lost after just a week. Nobody will ever find or read [or even search for] it again.

It’s similar with publication platforms. They arise and pass by in such a short time nowadays that it’s hard to even keep even track of.

So I decided to revive my own blog. That was when I stumbled about IndieWeb that scratches exactly this itch. Looks like I’m not the only one. Jlelse, for example, seems to go all in (even in a remarkable short time).


Local police “warns” people from callers claiming to be with Microsoft to “hack” into computers and blackmail their victims later to regain access.

What year is it again?

Good thing there are people like Lewis’s Tech keeping scammers occupied for fun and entertainment.